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Application Process

When you have viewed the property you would like to apply for, these are the details we need from you.

You can fill out an online tenancy application here or fill out the application form given to you at the viewing. You will need to have ready the following information; contact details, your previous addresses, your employment details, Driver Licence and/or Passport. Please bring these with you.


To make the application process that much easier and faster, these are the types of references we will require.

We need references from your previous landlords and/or employers.
Provide their phone contact details and check with them that it is ok to use their name as a referee.
We do not accept references from family or friends.

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If you would like to tell us about the property you are looking for, please leave your details here.

Read on to learn how the West Auckland Property Management team effectively reduces potential tenancy problems from ever occurring. We have a strict processes in place to govern our tenant selection process. This is an important part of risk reduction for us as a trusted property management company. A good tenancy relies on this process being given the focus it deserves. Matching the right tenant to your property is vital for looking after your property. We have a selection process which ensures you get the best possible tenants possible. We have all heard of the horror stories of tenants gone wrong, and we ensure that you have a long lasting relationship with all your tenants When we present owners with applications to rent their properties it is standard for us to carry out the following checks to ensure that the most suitable tenant is chosen.

  1. Landlord References:  We talk to the last several landlords to ensure that the tenant the tenant is suitable.
  2. Employment References: We talk to the potential tenants employers for references.
  3. Credit Checks: We complete credit checks on ALL tenants as part of our selection process.
  4. Tenancy Tribunal Database Checks: We search the Tribunal databases to see if tenants have ever been to the Tenancy Tribunal and had orders sealed against their names from previous landlords.
  5. Instinct and Experience: We have been in the property management business for over 14 years and we make sure we meet with the potential tenant and we are good judges of character.

At West Auckland Property Management, we ensure you get the best tenants possible for your property.

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