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Latest Listings

Our property listings are available on Trademe so feel free to check them out, and let us know if you would like to take a closer look at any of these properties and we would be more than happy to show you around or answer any questions that you have.
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If we have no properties available, feel free to fill out your details on the Contact us form

Tell us about your ideal new home:

  • number of bedrooms
  • number of bathrooms
  • whether you need it fenced to keep young children or pets safe
  • whether you need garaging
  • what area you would like to be in for work or schooling)

We will contact you when we have more properties available to suit you.

We do the hard work for your rental property

Throughout the years, we have discovered that striking a sound balance between landlord and tenant is absolutely crucial. An experienced and qualified property manager is the link to establishing a successful foundation that will keep your investment property earning income for years to come.

Ensuring that you have the best tenants for your rental property (and for the best possible price) is what WAPM does. We perform an extensive tenant vetting process as we thoroughly check references – including previous landlords and employers – and inspect creditworthiness.

Once you have a tenant we make sure that your property is maintained and looked after – the rent and water rates are paid. Inspections of your property occur seasonally, three to four times per year. This ensures your property stays in good condition.

And if an unexpected event does occur, such as a major repair or a change in tenant circumstances, our process ensures the best result in the quickest time possible.

Your Investment

Property is investment

We understand that this is a large investment for you – we are investment property owners too.
We can:

  • provide you with rental advice BEFORE you buy to ensure you purchase a great rental property
  • advise on the rental suitability of your housing type and the location
  • and provide ongoing advice on how to make your property in demand as a rental unit.

Our Experience

Local – with more than 30 years combined experience

With over 30 years combined experience in local investment property, ownership and management, we can provide you with specialist rental advice and services.

Best Available Tenants

Picked on their suitability to the property and ability to pay rent

Tenants must fill out an in depth application. We check their referees and credit as well as whether they are suitable for the property. Upon doing so, we can make an informed decision on the best available tenant for your property. Lastly, we stand by a zero tolerance rent arrears policy.

Fixed Term Tenancies

Keep control of your property

Tenants are signed to Fixed Term tenancies which gives you control. Towards the end of each Fixed Term, we check with you whether you want to change any terms, vacate the tenant or sell the property – it’s your call.


Urgent maintenance sorted quickly with trustworthy contractors

To protect your property, we attend to any health and safety issues immediately. Ongoing maintenance is advised to you and quotes are obtained where requested. This is all completed to suit your budget.

Tailored Tiered Fee Structure

Pick the level for your own peace of mind

Fees are tiered, giving you options based on your preference. Packages can include Specialised Landlord Insurance to cover malicious damage (e.g.‘Meth contamination’) and loss of rent; annual gutter cleans; regular lawn mowing; and change of locks between tenancies.

Opportunity, like the perfect tenant, knocks

We understand minimising vacancy maximises the return on your investment. Our goal is to match your rental property to the best possible tenant – a tenant who will treat your property like you would. With respect and care.

Get in touch


Looking for a new property

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Application Process

When you have viewed the property you would like to apply for, these are the details we need from you.

You can fill out an online tenancy application here or fill out the application form given to you at the viewing. You will need to have ready the following information; contact details, your previous addresses, your employment details, Driver Licence and/or Passport. Please bring these with you.


To make the application process that much easier and faster, these are the types of references we will require.

We need references from your previous landlords and/or employers.
Provide their phone contact details and check with them that it is ok to use their name as a referee.
We do not accept references from family or friends.

Leave my details

If you would like to tell us about the property you are looking for, please leave your details here.

Read on to learn how the West Auckland Property Management team effectively reduces potential tenancy problems from ever occurring. We have a strict processes in place to govern our tenant selection process. This is an important part of risk reduction for us as a trusted property management company. A good tenancy relies on this process being given the focus it deserves. Matching the right tenant to your property is vital for looking after your property. We have a selection process which ensures you get the best possible tenants possible. We have all heard of the horror stories of tenants gone wrong, and we ensure that you have a long lasting relationship with all your tenants When we present owners with applications to rent their properties it is standard for us to carry out the following checks to ensure that the most suitable tenant is chosen.

  1. Landlord References:  We talk to the last several landlords to ensure that the tenant the tenant is suitable.
  2. Employment References: We talk to the potential tenants employers for references.
  3. Credit Checks: We complete credit checks on ALL tenants as part of our selection process.
  4. Tenancy Tribunal Database Checks: We search the Tribunal databases to see if tenants have ever been to the Tenancy Tribunal and had orders sealed against their names from previous landlords.
  5. Instinct and Experience: We have been in the property management business for over 14 years and we make sure we meet with the potential tenant and we are good judges of character.

At West Auckland Property Management, we ensure you get the best tenants possible for your property.

About Us


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